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The Belgiam MEG Prophet and his games

Bienvenue chez The lonesome wargamer, mon projet personnel et passionné, plein d'informations uniques et intéressantes relatives au monde du jeu de stratégie . 

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RUEIL Day two, Game two

So the last game of the tournament with the very friendly Gilles and his not so friendly Kamakura japaneese. To make short a long story I...

RUEIL, day 2, game one,

Now I was to meet once again Olivier and his very shooty neo assyrian army . He has somme skilled shooters which might be difficult for...

RUEIL Day one, game two

So after a very unconclusive game I was to face Hannibal and his carthaginians . I knew the list was illegal ( 20 spearmen not 18 ) , the...


So this year I took part at the worlds MEG championship and ended 5th out of 30 players. Look at Jacques Wilputte with his famous...

Leonidas vs Scipio Africanus

So we decided on a very unhistorical battle, both CIC having had heavy drinking evenings before the game would be quick and deadly !...


Ambiorix wanted to meet a loose order army that would need terrain ! So I went for Qin an army my son painted some 16 years ago which I...

Tolosan Visigoth meet Indio-Scythian

Foot DC under command of HUUB were to meet a great challenge, tribal cataphracts, all SUP under command of JILU A heavy mobile camp Did...

A classic Roman vs Gaul battle

A very hard fought battle with lots of fun and really not one sided . The gauls got outscouted by 40 % . The armies A coastal open...

AKKAD Empire vs New Kingdom Egyptian

Ambiorix asked to meet a shooty army so I proposed a NKE opponent ! very shooty, skilled but small ! In contrast Akkad had 16 TUGs Z...

Ambiorix MEG's initiation

So belgian player Ambiorix finaly discovers MEG and had his first test game. As all very first games intended to test rules, the game was...

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