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Asiatic Successor Eumenes a Real challenge,

Dernière mise à jour : 20 juin 2022

Here is the army lists

Reading once again about the diadochoi wars, I became interested in Eumenes's army and had a look at the MEG army list (book 28 Asiatic Successor) and found out that it was impossible to recreate the army Eumenes used.

Eumenes, having had the allegiance of the silver shields, is the only general entitled to the 24 SUP pikes. As he must take mandatory allied generals and max 2 at that, no sub generals, it was impossible to create a 10.000 point MEG army list . each allied SUB had to take some xystophoroi and 8 pikes/hoplites ! There were not enough points left to take the veteran pikes AND have a workable army.

Lawrence G on the MEG forum did point out that it was possible to create a 10:000 army and include the SUP pikes. But it would not be, in my opinion , a workable army the competent CIC having to coordinate 6 TUGS all alone, so an immobile army. The idea was also to recreate Eumenes's army, the only CIC that may use 3 SUP pikes.

So I discussed it with the gods of the army list, did sent available data on Eumenes's battles and available forces and we tried to find a way to create that army and so the army list was modified this way :

Classical - Syria and Asia Minor - Asiatic Successor - Asiatic Successor internal allied generals are required to take either the Xystophoroi or the Greek mercenaries but not both in their contingent. The mandatory Greek mercenaries in an allied contingent can be replaced by an elite Macedonian phalangite unit.

So I managed to create a more or less workable list,

Using that list would be a difficult one to use and Simon Hall asked me to use it during a tournament and it was an impossible challenge to resist,

The list is powerful but so fragile,

Commands are set (allied generals) so no flexibility,

If the SUP pikes are powerful, they must win quickly as the flanks are a bit weak, so coordination is particularly important,

You pay any mistakes cash and terrain can ruin your day

If your opponent has good skirmishing UGs you could lose very quickly,

But it was fun to use

As you can see, the army ( top of the picture is small )

I hope you enjoyed

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