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Now I was to meet an indo-greek army under the command of the famous general Malliaras

Terrain would favour him if he wanted to stay in defence

Oups an unreliable of the challenges of that army

Too much terrain for me !

Why do I always get the impression that I am being outnumbered

His mounted shooty is coming and I decided to throw caution away ..quick moving SUP pikes towards his pikes

meanwhile, his lancers, bold as my left flank is unreliable go forward to threaten me and the 3rd SUP phalanx has to act as a flank guard

But as I threatened to marry my ally if he stayed unreliable, he decided to become reliable!

Those lancers were now doomed

The indo-greek are manoeuvring hoplites coming to the help of the lancers

But fearless sup pikes charge the average lancers

On the other flank a race is on

My left flank is becoming very agressive

I stopped his phalanx with some hoplites and the sup pikes arrived on time

The indo-greek attack lacks some coordination so I have an opportunity

Eumenes will be victorious on both flank and in the end demoralise the indo-greek army.

From memory 15-4 for me

So I was to be on the podium with my challenge army

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