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The ignominious defeat . I was facing George and his Qin army. Not only is he a very good player, but I was also feeling tired and lacking concentration ! A curse since I had covid but that will not deter me from playing and winning ! Only this time I lost so be it .

Being outscouted my first mistake was to deploy the phalanxes too close to the flank . I had to adapt afterward but I would go on mistakes after mistakes

he was putting pressure I was trying to delay it ! But at one time, command colours would not be in my favour ! the curse of that army . Professional leaders but all mandatory allies so no giving cards and some of my TUGS would be immobile too long. It is part of the challenge and I had accepted it.

Trying desperately to push those light cavalry away and position the SUP pikes But the Xysto are from a different command ! Otherwise coordination would have been so simple.

Come on guys delay them

My mounted would run away and the infantry impact would be disastrous but for me

The way seems open

The red phalanx, average , will suffer from the skilled shooters waiting from them ! Their leader having good black and white cards ...the suffering will continue

And so the end was nearing . Being immobile was giving him a juicy target and in the flank

The end of the world ....

So He will break me from memory 5-15

The defeat was mine I had mismanaged from the very beginning .

That happens but next time I will have my revenge ! do you hear George ?

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