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The Tibetan way at Rall Call Day 2

This second day would show me that I had all my luck on day one, that white and black dice are terrifying and, that I still had to understand how my army works and that the Brain Fog and Mind fatigue resulting from our Covid not-so-friend would need some taming on the long run as it affects my concentration a lot !

Once again vs Samuraï but now Takeda.

Classical deployment

Ok he was hesitating but my ally is ok

Also hesitating but also ok !

So his flanks are protected, I have to go for it and once again did not travell from Belgium to stay away from the fight. Going in against those pirates may be hard but one in I am mostly on green or yellow vs white , at worst green on green ...;I will hate his white dice !

Time to play a shooty game but my shooting will not be that successful there

Deadly white dice start killing my heavies

After charge + melee even my sup cats did not do that much ( I had only red and yellow dice )

With 3 white dice he killed a base, with 2 white and 2 greens I managed to inflict a wound ..;I need a new trainer

So slowly his white dice or even a-in one case black defeated my red, yellow and green dice

Here my white dice defeated his green dice

So I was not broken but defeated. I had good commande cards but this time very poor combat dice. I also lacked concentration to try to do anything else than to try to crush those pirates. I must admit it.

Sorry for the lack of comments but once again part of the game is still in a FOG somewhere in my brain.

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