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The Tibetan Way Roll Call day 2 part 2 Highway to hell or Paul's revenge!

In 2016 I crushed Paul in 90 minutes, 6 years later it was to be payback time.

I was tired and lacking concentration (I must really learn to master that new factor). I was to face some war wagons with artillery. I should have known better as I defeated such an army at LGT and new how to do it. But I trusted luck and forgot all my magnificent tactics of 2021 !

So I played badly, went for it and Paul had great shooting dice ( some 14 hits on 16 white dice and not only once is a bit hard to survive ( ok once in a while he did hit only 10 times)

I wanted to shoot his war wagons with my cantabrian but they always missed or did a single wound . I tried to combine black and white vs his wagons but it never worked !

Sorry few pictures but I was so tired that I concentrated on being soundly beaten! At least I took 2 enemy TUGs with me

I managed one contact and broke one war wagon but his numerous wounds would kill 3 of the cataphracts before contact. At a rate of 3 to 4 wounds a turn on my TUGs it was rather quick ! I should have tought LGT 2021 and done it very differently but done is done ! Paul had his deserved revenge and I took a lesson : stay calm, think and cope with mind fatigue so next time it will be better !

Paul owe me "la belle" or a third game as we each crushed each other once ! Jamais deux sans trois .

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