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The Tibetan way at Roll Call Day one

Early Tibetan with 1 internal ally + Khotanese allies WJK 2022
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Someone having told me that the Tibetan army would be useless, I wanted to test it and so bought and painted the army for Roll Call,

I was first to meet some Sengoku Samuraï ( damned Powerbows )and nearly lost the game ,

As you can see the samurai did have some terrain

And the tibetans were in the open

Not having had the opportunity to test my army before I was hesitating but I had not come from Belgium just to stay far away ,my allies were in the game so I went for it

I wanted to shoot him out of the game but must have been raining just on my right flank , green or white did not matter much it was a failure,

I finaly dismounted my heavies, that's the real nice point of the army !

But facing his bows and powerbows, my Nepalese cavalry on the left had some problems especially has I got a lot of black and white cards making manoeuvring a bit difficult

Even his white dice were devastating and lots of black cards made me a bit immobile

Finally I manged to go in as my left was immobile and my right did not much damage so the center went in ( desesperate measures )

Even on black and white dice he was killing my heavily armoured foot

So it was not easy as you can see, both flanks are open and melee dice were not that good

So the Samuraï just went for the kill ( all those blue charging arrows )

His LS vs my SUP mounted but 6 LS bases vs 4 ...I stayed out of despair

The suddenly the Gods of dices turned on him and favoured me

The samurai were losing all melees

One unit after another my fellow player but opponent's army did "POOOFFF" and surprisingly I won that battle 15-9 but it was a very very close shave

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