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A Spanish Lusitanian army vs an Imperial Roman army

The Spanish army

I was wondering what I could do with that one: all tribal loose, no impact weapon - giving the even short spear was judged too powerful - but they are all melee expert and all experienced javelins.

I took the precaution of including some flexible mercenaries knowing that terrain is always a bit too open for loose order armies.

I was facing Martin's Imperial Roman army, a test list so 2 test lists facing each other.

I expected to lose vs a horde of SUP Impact weapon + melee expert and an exceptional cohort in the middle of it all,

Outscouting was nice 90% of 9 tugs he had to deploy his army in full

A terrina bit too open for me ..but I had to do with it . Here you see the roman deployment. He would, IMO, make one fatal mistake, try to deploy as large as ...the table. on the right side there is one more roman mounted TUG .

The exceptionnals in the center, some cataphracts ..SUP cohorts

As you can see my army is larger. I outnumber him but lack shock except for some celtiberian mercenaries but nothing like the roman shock power . So I would use numbers.

A lone spanish SUG in the middle of the romans who will try to avoid them . The romans start a strange new dance, the cataphracts going from right to left (picture if left to right) and the exceptionals from left to right . I decided to go for it

The romans are confident in their shield cover characteristic and frankly my shooting dice were not good at all

I managed to charge the flank of the cataphracts who were too eager the turn before

And you can see my shooting did nothing to the roman cohort facing me

I assure you I was shooting ..but the spanish still need training

Finally it begins and I got lucky when the romans charged

I also got lucky on the other flank. A roman cohort is being defeated by white and some green dices . The exceptionals are throwing lots of red dice, or red and yellow but miserably fail as do the cataphracts . My white dice do miracles

That roman flank will crumble. I told him he should have shortened the line and have better coordination

The cataphracts died and there are on the right of the picture 2 other melees he will loose,

And to finish him, my cavalry did kill his mounted, so it was a win for me, but unexpected,

Martin could have done better and has to learn how to coordinate his powerful army. I must also learn how to use my army as we are still discovering those new lists. We are working on it. But my feeling is that the army is a bit weak without something for impact. Working on it

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