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IWC 2022 or European MEG Championship 2021 delayed

So last 22nd and 23rd Januray we had the 2021 European MEG championship in Brussels,

This is how it ended :

and the armies they used

Van Loo Jean-Luc Indo-Scythians

Steenwege Martin Late Eastern Romans

Adeline Serge Early Welsh

Stegeman Huub Langobeard

Van Peteghem Sven Mid Sassanid

Dufour Frédéric Umayad and early abbassid

Joucla Olivier Rouran Khaganate

Joucla Pierre-Alexandre Sassanid Persian

Wielgosz Gilles Early Byzantine

Masson Bruno Sui

Bouchon Bernard Western Wei

Fasoulas Ioannis Western Wei

Koanstantoulakis Kostas Arab Conquest

Mercier Denis Early Arab Conquest

Pitfield Adrian Arab Conquest

Pitfield Roger Gokturk

Some pictures

Day 2 at 8 AM we begin so as to enable players to take their early flight back home

So, in the end, Greece won the 2021 European Championship and might organise it in 2023 as France, having won the 2020 championship is planning to organise it soon ( when is soon ? )

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