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RUEIL 2022 Day 1 Game 2

Let us continue the Lusitanian experiment and go for another Imperial Roman army ( there were only 6 roman armies out of 14 players, and of those 6 only 5 were Imperial Romans )

This time I got terrain but was out scouted 70 %

So I decided to defend a bit more forward, a village, some rough terrain and as always there is an open corridor . I was wondering how I could stop those cataphracts I saw + the massed 8 exceptional guards with a legendary general ( once again a legendary emperor this time Adrianus Pitfieldus )

Why go for terrain when romans can just deploy loose order. The answer is simple. In open terrain close order infantry has the possibility to shove me so I prefer some terrain to have the flexible romans deploy in loose order

The heavies are coming

My left wing advances

Both sides are manoeuvring

The Spanish light brigade engages the roman superheavies

Lack of good colours, my left flank is slow

My light brigade is pushed back but inflicted loses

As you can see on the left side, the romans did not enjoy my nice guys shooting when skirmishing but the guard is now there

Engaging the romans

Ready for the roman assault

Keeping the romans busy

I went out too soon and will be outflanked

Meanwhile pushing on the other side

So at the end, a roman TUG was destroyed and the roman guards were stopped by an average UG that lost 50% of it's bases and so did not rout

And the Lusitanians could not break a second cohort . They needed to inflict 2 wounds but 3 green dice and 2 whites failed to do the job.

But the cataphracts having outflanked me will destroy one Lusitanian TUG so 4-4

Infantry battles can last long for few results .

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