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The genral theme of the tournament was to be 357 BCE till 100 BCE . After some discussion with Simon Hall, I agreed on a difficult challenge : using an Eumenes Asiatic Successor list. A real command and deployment challenge I will explain later .

For the very first battle I was to meet a numerous gallic army. My fear was : he will swamp me! I felt I should be the aggressor to move first and act quickly,

Unfortunatly or fortunatly ..he managed a big forest right in the middle of the battle field

In the forest some 18 gaesatis ( 3 TUGs)

Allies are reliable

The gallic begins to move to put some pressure but he will fail to rush his infantry and it will cost him dearly

Meanwhile I rushed the pikes and Xystophoroi + hoplites straight forward for a quick kill

The gaesati take their time . I am happy with it !

His chariotry tries to push my lone cavalry but some drilled hoplites are coming to the rescue

Heavy fighting

The gaesati on holyday

On the other flank the hoplites help a lot

Breaking through (one SUP celtic chariotry died ) and the warband line is outflanked thanks to drilled hoplites

Gallic mistake, he allowed me to reach him with my hoplites

The stubborn gallic line is finally crumbling (how many blanks do you have on green and yellow dice? )

The gallic chariotry is beaten

The end of the game ...I still had to kill a TUG to break his big army ( 15 TUGs) but no time left so in the end 12-2 for me

A nice game, the forest did screen my attack !

next game would not be that good

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