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RUEIL 2022 Day 1 of the Spanish Lusitanian experiment

Spanish Lusitanian
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An experimental list I will explain in later messages .

My very first opponent would be Gilles and his Imperial Romans led by the Legendary Gillius Imperator. I did not get the terrain I wanted, did get out scouted and would have to face a roman army in some open terrain . On the picture you can see on the upper part the roman army, the lower part the Spanish who do have some terrain to protect the flanks but also an open flat center.

The roman flank is weak is there an opportunity

The romans are coming for my flank. In terrain at least I will be able to negate his shove effect as he has to come in loose order

My right flank is advancing

Hold the line he said, the romans are coming

Come on we are tribal they are mostly all drilled let's outmanoeuvre them

Let us try to have some fight

Fighting here and there


Ok I nearly got a legion but his cavalry saved him and I will loose a second unit

The battle was still raging and time ran out 6-3 for the romans but an interesting game . I was not crushed by the romans .

Next game I would meet another Imperial Roam army under the leadership of Adrianus Imperator

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