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That day I was to meet Ioannis and his cyrenean reeks .

I hade decided that all my pikes except the average one would be deployed 2 rank deep as I knew all his hoplites were average .

As you see I still had a shorter line

His rather good chariotry is putting pressure. My cavalry is a bit hopeless and will have to hope for good shooting,

So let us take some necessary risks and engage a more numerous enemy with more green dice vs white and hope

Now we are engaged on the "nearly" whole line

I did not dare charge his chariots but he did not dare charge my pikes

Hoplites are coming but I cannot stop all his chariots ! his Makai ally is going forward and my mounted bow do skirmish a lot

I engaged his chariots with my hoplites ! they would be very unlucky

The coming Xystos will also fail

The mounted bow are still skirmishing

Meanwhile the cyrenean hoplite line is crumbling

No more pictures after that sorry

The hoplite line will be beaten but the cyrenean chriotry will survive the battle as xystos and hoplites will fail to kill them on green and yellow dice only to be finaly taken in the flank by some makai barbarians and die

But the makaï chariotry will die killed by my satrapal cavalry and the cyrenean host will be demoralised

15-4 in my favour

Once again coordination was pretty difficult and being drilled helped a lot

The morning game's result was better, but would it be enough ...whom was I to meet next time

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