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So a test for new armies we wanted to play. Eumenes was a test proposed by Simon as it is a rather complicated army design . Only allied sub generals, so no more than 2 and with lots of mandatory units but now the rule has changed so :

Classical - Syria and Asia Minor - Asiatic Successor - Asiatic Successor internal allied generals are required to take either the Xystophoroi or the Greek mercenaries but not both in their contingent. The mandatory Greek mercenaries in an allied contingent can be replaced by an elite Macedonian phalangite unit.

Eumenes asiatic successor WJK 2022
Télécharger XLSX • 4.37MB

Eumenes was defending and strangely did choose mountain ( the trees are a forest )

A difficult hill protecting the flank. All allies are reliable

AlexMac deploys ( Alexander the Great )

yes Eumenes has deployed CL in the forest

Opening moves

Podromoï in SK formation trying to kill the persian bow screen

Which they did but he forgot that podromoï being CL, pursuing a broken enemy would just charge towards the hoplites and SK or not, would have to fight it out . The predictable result was death .

Pique, did you say pique

What a mug of cofee

The fight is on

What are we going to do with those enemies

heavy melees but AlexMac got the worse of it

The hoplites are in the flank of one of the phalanxes and it will be a real good flank charge ( the only one that will work )

So AlexMac managed to kill some units on the flank but the center of of his army died in the center

So in the end 15-7 for Eumenes .

To be fair we were both discovering our armies and we need to find out their strength and weaknesses

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