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The Belgiam MEG Prophet and his games

Bienvenue chez The lonesome wargamer, mon projet personnel et passionné, plein d'informations uniques et intéressantes relatives au monde du jeu de stratégie . 

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REG another try Polish vs Dutch

A second game to test the rules with a different list . We would not play till the end as we do pay attention not to megise the game . As...

Mousquets et Tomahawks the awakening

After many years I finally had my first game of M&T ( second edition ) . I had the first edition, many miniatures painted but never...

Athens November 2023 second game

Now going for ...romans ! I wasto face some mid-republican romans under consul Konstantinos Malliaras Surprise he went for terrain and...

Athens November 2023

Having won the EMEGC I decided to play funny armies but not especially winners. The 3rd Athens Reckoning theme made for a possible heavy...

RUEIL the last day

So I was to face Gilles and his Catalan Company in Anatolia. I knew it was to be a hard fight but I was not prepared for the trashing I...

RUEIL James IVth continues

So the next game was to be once again vs a Crown of Aragon army and Olivier Joucla as leader. Facing many times the same army sees to be...

RUEIL 2023

Rueil's theme was "large" 1000+ CE Ok so I decided to have fun and an uncomplicated army with no hope of winning but just be there and...

ATHENS 2023 EMEGC final game

Now the challenging SPARTAN army and an excellent player and friendly fellow player George. Both of us were in position to win the...

Athens EMEGC day 2

Sunday morning. Civil war as I was to face the other Early Achaemenid Persian Royal army. Ahura Mazda would decide who would win but one...

EMEGC 2023 Day one continues

Now I was to face Ioannis Fasoulas one of the top Greek players and his feared Achean Trojan war army. I was tired, my glasses were...

IWC Day 2

OK so I was now to meet Olivier Joucla. Another french top player . He knew what to expect so he wanted very flat terrain but I...

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