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The Belgiam MEG Prophet and his games

Bienvenue chez The lonesome wargamer, mon projet personnel et passionné, plein d'informations uniques et intéressantes relatives au monde du jeu de stratégie . 

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IWC Day 2

OK so I was now to meet Olivier Joucla. Another french top player . He knew what to expect so he wanted very flat terrain but I...

IWC 2023 day one, part 2

Now was time to see if I learned something of my defeat. I was to face Pierra-Alexandre Joucla a good french player with a 100 years war...

IWC 2023 day one

I was using a late swiss army as I wanted a small army to play quickly and enabling me to still act as a referee . I never used it (...

GENEVA part 3

Next I would face Roger's Late Vedic army, many chariots, bowmen some SUP and of course a few nellies. I decided I would need some...

GENEVA part 2

This time I would face a Cimmerian mounted biblical shooty army under Huub's leadership. This one should not be too difficult for my...

GENEVA 02/23

Geneva is a small open MEG event run by Roger Pitfield. Usually 6 players . Thanks to covid there were 5 of us. For the first game I...

Athens Reckoning day 2

Now I was to face Nikolaos and his viking heavy infantry army I out scouted him easily. He had surprised me by putting a village in the...

Athens Reckoning second game

So now after a first test I was to play Panos and his Khitan-Liao mobile army. So I managed to slightly outscout him but terrain was much...

November 2022 Athens 2nd Reckoning

So Back to Athens with another very experimental army some Later Moorish in a tournament where I would face a lot of heavies ! My very...

RUEIL 2022 day 2 game 2

What once again a dreaded Galatian ! so I make my way to Rueil to meet only Imperial Romans or Galatians ...the problem of some...

RUEIL 2022 day 2 Game 1

Back to the Lusitanian project and experiment. Today I would be facing the dreaded Galatian army. All DC/SP so at impact they would roll...

RUEIL 2022 Day 1 Game 2

Let us continue the Lusitanian experiment and go for another Imperial Roman army ( there were only 6 roman armies out of 14 players, and...

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