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Tolosan Visigoth meet Indio-Scythian

Dernière mise à jour : 7 juin 2021

Foot DC under command of HUUB were to meet a great challenge, tribal cataphracts, all SUP under command of JILU

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Tolosan Visigoth
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A heavy mobile camp

Did you say you heard a strange noise coming from the indian's rank ..armor ...

The other flank much "lighter"

The fearless PSC plastic soldiers all ready

The warbands are massed and ready . the terrain you see is rough

Long lines indeed and the eternal cofee cups. Both have their chances but what about tokens and dice !

The cats are advancing

Strange, the SK went in the rough terrain and the bucelarri on the upper left are going all alone straight for the indian infantry, ever heard of balaklava ?

Yep the warbands did retreat a bit but the gardingi went forward to slow some enemy down

here they come all SUP

The bucelarii have made contact but lack support and the gardingi just try to slow down a large cats TUG

The fight is on

But the TV failed to pin the shooty cavalry down and one TUG turned moved and reformed behind the bucelarii ( all out of the 4 MU at the moment of the move )..

Slowly coming

The gardingi will flee

Now in range

The bucelarii still out there all alone

And the rear charge

and many other charges The TV will have to use the white dice strategy but will it work ?

contact has been made

It hurts in the back

OK the white dice strategy has to be reviewed as it did not work

The cats did just wipe out a bucelarri TUG that was sent to slow them down

The cats are cutting down the warbands ( the nellies are not bad )

The bucelarri that had charged the indian infantry are now destroyed , but the TV finally conquered the rough ground

The TV army is being detroyed but managed to kill a nellie base

Finaly the TV managed to manoeuver and hit the large cats TUG and the gardingi will kill the unit !

TV have a victory on one flank but the rest of the army is in bad shape

End of the game the TV are destroyed and so the Nellies will survive one more battle

The Tolosan Visigothic army faced a tough opponent but let it come forward too easely considering that the TV won initiative ! It did not try to manoeuver and outflank the very heavies tribal close sup cats ..and the now most famous charge of the bucelarii was a good move ...but without support failed !

Everyone had fun and I hope so did you when reading this article

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