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Some pictures of a friendly game at my place. Mid Sassanid vs Later Moorish

The Sassanid heavies are coming and the Moorish have nothing to stop them . The Moorris infantry just tries to advance towards a hard battle facing the new sassanid melee experts and some nellies .

I told them : when you skirmish facing cataphracts do not roll one .. the Moorish right flank will just explode

What did I tell you ?

A few turns later those same cats will charge the moorish infantry in the rear but the infantry will survive long enough to kill their frontal enemy, sassanid infantry. Those SUP cats will also survive 2 different flank charges by vandal refugees .

Facing the nellies

A few casualities

It will be 50/50 as the moorish infantry will break a nellie TUG but the other Nellie TUG will kill it's own opponent . Also all the sassanid infantry ( on the right and being played by arabs ) will die ...a bloody battle

By the way the very unsuccessfull best light horse who have been shooting from the beginning on white+ or green without any effect except some slowing ...

The last picture sorry it ended in a draw 10-10 as both survived

A funny training game for our tournament IWC 2022

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