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Another training day or how to get beaten very quickly

It was a very simple training day, Mid-Sassanid vs Later Eastern Roman. I played the mid-sassanid as Martin wanted to meet nellies ! I had him outscouted by 40 % would be a nice day , a good game and so the cataphracts went forward

As you can see the roman ostrogothic ally was reliable

The overconfident romans do charge the asvaran cataphracts, a unit of 6 average and 2 of 4 but SUP !

And I charged with the nellies

All went well : vs the cats,the romans rolled 4 skulls and a wound...the sassanid did ..a lone skull ! the Nellies lost a base and inflicted nothing . So far the marvelous plan did backfire a bit !

I was shooting a lot, some on green, others on white and as you can see with negligible effects ! this was to be a bad day after all ...



So the roman lost his 2 central mounted TUGs but the sassanid lost heavily and the nellies also died having barely done damage.

On the flank I skirmished and rolled a few 1 so the SUP lancers would catch me ! did I tell you it was a bad day ?

The sassanid are dying the cats had to go in ( in the center ) the roman shot a black dice and killed one of the TUGs that was coming in ..the other was gighting but got cought in the flank ... after having also lost a base when fighting the dreaded white roman dice + the charging roman lancers

On the other flank even with having green for me and white for him I just continued loosing the melee

So a very bad sassanid day the gods were clearly not with them ! Better in training than during a tournament

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