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Leonidas vs Scipio Africanus

So we decided on a very unhistorical battle, both CIC having had heavy drinking evenings before the game would be quick and deadly !

Early Spartans
Download PDF • 848KB

Mid-Republican Romans
Download PDF • 851KB

I have refurbished my old spartan army, mostly Xyston and some museum Z range miniature

The roman army has outscouted the spartans

The roman ally ' Pergame )

The spartan right flank some cavalry and the average hoplites . Some thracians in the open are waiting behind the hoplites

The hoplites on the left hand are the exceptionnals

Spartan citizens

A compact deployment

Here we go ...headaches helping the plan is very unsubtle ...forward


Sup Hoplites vs average LS and exceptionnal hoplites vs average roman legio ..

And the greek had good dice , the romans had bad dice

Where is the enemy ?

That is going quick ( I rolled some skulls )

And the CL do come in vs spartiates sup LS ..guess what happened

Not too bad for the CL

The SUP romans are coming in

Did I tell you I was lucky during that battle

Spartan's best are all engaged and winning

By the way the numidian shooting was very ineffective my average cavalry sufered no wounds but the thracians did

Lucky spartans

I think there was a roman legion somewhere ..yes the spartans got all the luck !

The lancers also did rout ..

And the average spartans do hold but are suffering

But the greek cavalry will try to break the smaller roman TUG

Going for the rear of a roman cohort and guess who charges first next turn ? the spartans with their exceptionnal TUG !

Spartan SUP engaged average LS ..

The Pergame LS will be outflanked

The roman cavalry routs

And the average spartan LS do hold

It was a charge game, all the luck went to the spartans with many skulls :15-0

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