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IWC 2024 second game

After a first mitigated game vs a slippery mounted shooty army now enter the Catalan army in Anatolia under the legendary Gilles Wilgosz' leadership.

That would be an interesting and hard game

As usually with his dreaded cataln army, Gilles subtly did go forward

He even did draw first blood .....good shooting

To sum it up I charged and even with better colours did looss . Same during melees That would really be difficult

Lack of cards did not enable me to manoeuvrer . Nicopolis crusade is not a slippery army :-)

So my tribal unprotected combat shy would have to stop superior almughavar impact weapon guys ...

So Finaly one successful charge

And finally, his flank crumbled as well

My other flank also did crumble

In the end we were both on the verge of breaking and Gilles was the first to inflict the deadly wound so 10-15 in Gilles's favour.

All in all not too bad for an impossible army such as the Nicopolis Crusade

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