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Acropolis training continues 5608 Imperial Germans vs 5702 Early Medieval Danish

So in our quest for "new" armies for the Acropolis Athens tournament we became interested in two armies that do seem to have surprising resilience and mobility for European armies.

WJK 5608 Imperial German 2024 2
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I was to face an early medieval Danish army or some strong infantry but with some interesting mounted TUGs which might be interesting in a 1000 CE-1250 CE tournament ( all books) and we wanted to avoid eternal PB , mongols and so on.

The game was never finished and we did not even have fights as we discussed tactics, strategy, and possibilities .

We felt we had learned enough to go to the next step which ould be games without discussing possibilities and that would be next games.

Huub invaded and outscouted me

2 or 3 outscouting cards/tokens are quite usual for MEG European middle-ages armies

The discussion that lasted 20 minutes was about the merit of being attacker or defender with our armies .

Deployment and coffee

So I deployed some loose TUGs in a vineyard but I feared the combined attack by the numerous Wendish contingent

The first moves . Huub sends his allies but he needs good cards to be quick and that will be a problem, especially with tribal units.

Meanwhile I was sending my drilled units to attack is weaker flank well weaker my LS had the advantage vs his knights but not vs his infantry I would have to manoeuvre and try to go for flanks

Manoeuvring to open the gates . My LS will push his mounted crossbow back and open a way for the drilled teutonic knights. I would push my foot LS towards his SUP mounted huscarls ( FARM, SUP, CL and melee expert ) . I was screening them with my mounted crossbowmen but we had to stop the game .

On the other flank, due to lack of nice tokens, the Wendish ally was slow but it would only last a few more turns

It was interesting to discover those armies we had never played before

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