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Acropolis training Early Crown of Aragon 5809 vs The kingdom of the Isles 5402

So I was tasked with testing that list vs the blob infantry of the Kingdom of the Isles.

I was wondering how to win that battle but fate had a strange hand in it and poor Huub would suffer heavily for not having paid hommage to the Norse Gods while the Aragonese army did say mass before the battle

Huub decided to go on the defense in order to have terrain, lots of terrain .

PBS was not gentle with him as I managed to get a coastal normal terrain and managed to roll 6 for all his terrains except one rough terrain in the middle .

And outscouting was not in his favour so open terrain with many loose TUGS and outscouted

The initial deployment . Some almogavars on my right with 2 TUGs of AV knights. They face some bowmen and loose order infantry. My poor skirmishers are tasked to be there. Just be there

On the other flank I deployed my best knights which I grouped in a block thanks to having heavily outscouted the Norsemen . I had targets and that would simplify my task a lot.

So my right flank : first turn I had moved to 4 MU from my opponent and turn two I united my 2 TUGS to assault one of his TUGs a vulnerable one as I would be on +3 at impact.( CL + loose in the open and he had ..nothing just 2 HCC I had to kill him quickly or 2HCC would bite me back )

And of course I did the same on the left flank but with a +5 factor in the attack so same configuration. It was Cry Havoc and let them loose + pray as those are big bataillons but the second rank is unprotected with no weapon so if the front rank dies, they might be toasted !

Jarl Huub hoping for good results so he could blob me

So my first die roll was a skull and I never stopped killing a base at each impact so the whole first rank died

Funnily a little bit not so successful but still doable. One axeman still survives but he faces superior religious orders knights !

So the end results of those first charges and melees is that the blob army managed to manoeuvrer to outflank my knights and deliver a killing flank charge but their friends died too soon so going on pursuit to hit new bodies. On my flank trying to outflank me some Orkney heavy infantry huscarls but they are too late

The same here but we lost some people during the fight .

So here turn 3 one TUG of knights is going to the enemy poor unprotected camp while theirs friend gloriously charge an enemy TUG but with no good results wound vs wound so my knights will later die for the good book as I cannot get them of that mess . The charge of the almogavars was also very disappointing. But the breaktrough was done and so his army turned on one flank

On the other flank the charge was remarkably successful and both norsemen and highlanders units will die . So I would get free reign the enemy line being turned on both flank . We agreed the camp was toasted and I need a last TUG to die to break that army.

So Huub decided to give me victory

Honestly he had been very unlucky with terrain I had been incredibly lucky with my dice ( many skulls ) and I had enough knights to hurt him badly in the open. A bit more terrain and it would have been a different game .

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