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ACROPOLIS More testing So this time a frisian army faced some muslim Indians, their cavalry, their bows and their nellies I'll admit my army is a bit big Sorry for the quality but it is a long list

Basically the internal allied general commands 4 TUGS of local spearmen

Thanks to the legendary CIC I had the choice and decided to defend which helped me put some terrain, all marshes , difficult terrain so I could force my opponent to concentrate and forget my flanks.

I must admit due to the army size I was not that concerned about the flanks

I expected a difficult game being shot at and having lots of white dice vs the FARM nellies but at least with my 5 shooty SUGS I would not be utterly hopeless

I hoped my two crossbow SUGS would be able to score as at 1 MU and so if skirmishing, they ignore the FARM quality of the nellies,

Rather interestingly I managed to outscout my opponent's army

Basically the ally in oblique so if double move I can go straight forward, A competent general with the mounted and some skirmishers to the right flank . The legenday in the center with 5 spearmen and many skirmishers and on the left flank another competent with the mercenaries and a spearmen TUG . The idea was pretty simple as I must put pressure on a mounted shooty opponent so advance

The 2 big cavalry TUGS are his dreaded Ghulams, next some skilled shooters, 2 FARM Nellies and some experienced shooters

So the Nellies slightly to the back covered by skilled and experienced shooters

So a lot of LS, DC, combat shy tribal loose infantry

And the flank guard all ready to run after mounted bows

My right flank. I feel rather secure even if some nellies are not that far far away

A nice willing ally

Opening moves. IMO he should not have risked it but his choice

We are taking position and yes it is a general advance

Manoeuvring the mounted to avoid the nellies. I just hope that 8 combat shy LS will be able to hold long enough to kill the small nellie TUG

mass and quality does that remind you of something ?

Here they come the legendary general is ready

Someone might have to run away

there will be charges. here we will make a small mistake that curiously will not change the outcome

We will allow the cavalry to charge the nellies flank while doing it on a forced charge

In the end the nellies will die at melee but thanks to the black dice of the infantry not try to understand dice it is hopeless

The nellies are in with a wound thanks to the skirmishing crossbows

and the covering cavalry is running away

So the nellies in the center did their job but broke no one before being taken in the flank and they will die gloriously but the way was open

The infantry is now advancing "en masse"

So my right flank cavalry was arriving typing the balance

We had to stop there and the game was lost for the Muslim Indian sultanates. I would surely loose a TUG or two but he would never break my army before the end of the game.

His not so nimble nellies where my targets for points as I knew that as usual, an infantry army cannot keep pursuing a fleeing mounted opponent. You must play quick , use the skirmishers and, perhaps, be attacker to have first move . So got for points

But really winning 15 - something is a bit difficult

Anyway a funny game and lots to learn for Athens Acropolis

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