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RUEIL GAME 1 vs Roger's Southern Mapuche

I used a Spanish Trastamara army and was untrained with it .

WJK Trastamara Spanish
Télécharger XLSX • 4.38MB

I would face an indian army ( from the americas ) , lots of bow and Long Spear.

As you can see, Rogers had terrain on both flanks, deployed some ambushes and did oput his bowmen forward. I deployed 2 rank deep and hoped for the best as I faced some 18 TUGS

He came forward with his bows so I had to fight them. His spears mostly waited.

He tried to outflank me on my left while my english LB fought it out with his bowmen , some of his bowmen having met dismounted knights .

On the other flank I discovered his ambushes and decided to blok them in their forest .

He sacrificed his bowmen

I am trying to push him out of desire to have a fight

But did I tell you I was outnumbered

At last he did sent his infantry but time was up so 8-6 for me

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04 nov 2021

What terrain are those ambushes in?

Me gusta
04 nov 2021
Contestando a

FOREST visible at 1 MU so I choose to blok him in it

Me gusta
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