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RUEIL Day two, Game two

So the last game of the tournament with the very friendly Gilles and his not so friendly Kamakura japaneese. To make short a long story I lost . I lost all concentration and have some difficulties remembering the game . Perhaps too much fatigue, not enough rest, too much wine the day before, not enough beers on the sunday who knows ! but anyway a very funny game.

Gilles's army had a pretty goos command structure, many melee expert TUGs and shooty enough to cause me headaches as he outreached me.

I also made very basic stupid mistakes and so he won thanks to his better command controll,

A deserved victory,

I had even forgotten to take some pictures at the beginning. My infantry is facing his line,

But I was trying to hold too long a line !

Trying to engage him on my other flank.

This time I should have deployed my LB in the center, not on a flank . That mistake would grant him victory.

In the center ( left hand of the pictures), the Gendarmes are engaging him but it will be no skullroller for me .

So I had a Tudo ally, ...had ...

His shooting is killing me and he is lucky enough to always have a good colour to retreat even with tribal ones ...but his command structures helps a lot. When he will run out of luck, it will be too late for me .

My army broke and Gilles won the tournament BRAVO !

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