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RUEIL Day one, game two

So after a very unconclusive game I was to face Hannibal and his carthaginians . I knew the list was illegal ( 20 spearmen not 18 ) , the list was allowed to be played.

Marc Cara is an experienced player but had not the opportunity to play for nearly 2 years,

Both armies are deployed. Hannibal did protect his left flank with some sup spears so I moved to protect my gendarmes. On my left, not on the picture are the Tudor LB, facing his cavalry .

A better view

A better view of the carthaginian deployment

Taken by the game, I forgot to take pictures but here it is, I survived the charge

On the other flank the fight is on

The cavalry on the flank of my LB is a general marker

The gallic cavalry will break as will one of my LB units

In the center and my right flank I am getting the upperhand, pike + melee expert and being 3 rank deep helps.

His carthaginian cavalry broke trough the LB but are now facing the gendrames and they may not evade being not shooty ..they will die and notice the whole carthaginian flank is now open .

The end as the Tudor's knigh come charging the rear of the carthaginian line .. Hannibal's army is broken . 15-2

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