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RUEIL, day 2, game one,

Now I was to meet once again Olivier and his very shooty neo assyrian army .

He has somme skilled shooters which might be difficult for my mostly average army but I got longbows and he has lots of chariotry. That game was to be very technical and tiring as we both knew beforehand.

He won initiative, choose to attack, my tokens were not that good so no terrain and he got me outscouted.

My LB are on the left a bit behind the main battle line . I know he will do the utmost to avoid my firearms but I shoot only at 2 MU and cannot run after jis chariots.

He concentrated his skilled chariots on my right flank ( 3 TUGS of 4 ) and advances in the center

I had deployed my superior gendarmes on my right flank as the horses are fully armoured, it might help survive his shooty chariotry .

He wants to crush my right flank and I intend to make him pay for it

He carefully avoids my LB . I had to decide wheter to put them in the center or on a flank, I went for the flank . At keast I could put some pressure there.

I knew he would be wary of my gendarmes as I am wary of his skilled shooters.

Shooting did nearly nothing

Now we are starting to hurt each other and the gendarmes went for it

That fight never ended

But here and there I finally caught him and he started to die

But time was there and so it was a 6-4 for me . He never got the opening he was looking for and my infantry managed to do some firing which helped a lot .

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