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RUEIL 2022 day 2 game 2

What once again a dreaded Galatian ! so I make my way to Rueil to meet only Imperial Romans or Galatians ...the problem of some tournaments not enough diversity

For the very first time and only time in the tournament I have some terrain in the center and it stays ..+ some rough terrain on the flanks magnificent we might have an interesting game versus those guys who attack me on red dice but want to avoid terrain.

Not a very subtle deployment

I advanced but suffering from a lack of colours my initial rush was slowed down

Could I outflank him ? he still has enough cavalry

King of the rough terrain he had to divide his army

he has some good DC/SP + melee expert and some SUP allies coming in

We are fighting

A more general view . My overall plan is to avoid a domino shatter charge so force him to engage as piecemeal as possible, but it slows down the game.

Fighting but mostly inconclusive as the Galatian mounted will disengage

The fight was on but time was running out

An inconclusive battle ! I routed an enemy TUG and he had killed my 2 infantry SUGs.

Infantry battles can take quite a lot of time and with my army I felt I had to break my opponents battle line ( in all 4 games ).

The main problem IMO is in the army list. Would those warriors have at least short spear I would have felt more confident and go for it but they have nothing at impact. The reasoning that was presented to me is that it would make that army too strong. Perhaps but I felt the army too weak. Even the Late Scots-Irish who are also melee expert, do have the short spear . So if NIK or RJC do read this, please allow that Lusitanian army the possibility of an upgrade. A loose order army will mostly fight in the open, give it a fair chance . AV CL do begin on red, average Galatian INF do begin on red , average romans ( uncommon mostly SUP ) begin on yellow so impact is damning that army as you may loose a lot just to begin with...If we want to see more "atypical armies" they need something to fight with and armies who rely only on terrain will not be common in tournaments which are more and more common so those armies will never or nearly never be fielded. Southern Mapuche have LS which helps a lot vs mounted, they have long range bows, the lusitanian do not have that . That is the lesson I learned from my experiment. Also that army needs time to get points BUT IT WAS FUN !

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