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RUEIL 2022 day 2 Game 1

Back to the Lusitanian project and experiment. Today I would be facing the dreaded Galatian army. All DC/SP so at impact they would roll red dice a good advantage, so I wanted to avoid impact to soon even if we both are melee expert. Outmanoeuvring the Galatian would be difficult he has more mobile forces than I, so I wanted some terrain but that would fail.

The Galatian deploys his Paeonian allies ( some SUP melee expert ) and his Galatian mounted and scythed chariots

I deployed in a checkerboard way in order to avoid a shatter chain reaction. On my right flank ( left on the picture) I deployed my only mounted TUG + mounted skirmishers.

I was cautious but still I advance

I also sent my skirmishers forward

Why are his warbands so cautious in the center ?

Infantry ( one SUP and one AV ) supporting my cavalry

So it begins but at least the Galatian do attack in a disorderly way

At last some cavalry pressure

Disorganising the Galatian assault wave ( my 2 DC are not short spear and not melee expert )

A long line of engaged infantry

At the end of the allowed time. I had lost 2 SK units so its a draw

We managed to have a fight, but it takes time to kill 8 bases TUGS

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