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REG another try Polish vs Dutch

A second game to test the rules with a different list . We would not play till the end as we do pay attention not to megise the game . As fate would have it, the Dutch went on defence, the poles managed to go for protected flank and much terrain hoping to have terrain in the center but lots of 1 and 6 left the poles with a very open center

The square piece of terrain is a gentle hill. so the powerful dutch infantry that has HFP ( they shoot well ) should be able to roll over the polish infantry, mostly Cossacks "bande" equiped with arquebus vs matchlock muskets ..where is my terrain ..;well on the flanks protecting the flanks of my opponent

Polish Cossacks and harquebusier trying to delay the advance

Skirmishing infantry and dragoons trying to outflank the dutch .

Polish hussars out of ART range

Bravely waiting

The coming clash between hussars and cuirassier might determine the winner

It will be very unconclusive. Attrition will follow but we had not time to finish it

The Cossacks did charge the dutch Harquebusier and once again the dutch managed to hurt the polish guys as much as the poles did hurt the dutch but having better dice ...

Magic dutch white dice

In order to test the HFP we had our shooting match and the polish infantry was thrown back with loses ..

We had to stop it there, but it remained very fun and full of teaching for future games

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