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HELVETIKA The Inca Sun Emperor continues to fight

For the second game I was to face King Roger and his kingdom of Aragon army and his french ally. Happily I outscouted him some 30 % but expected to be crushed by the might of his knights and his heavy infantry ( pikes )

His knights, almogavars ...a good fist

For reasons unknown to the Inca Emperor, the pikes were deployed far far away and his shooters in the middle protected by some rough terrain

As you can see my "having terrains lots of them" strategy had failed ....he had a boulevard to crush my loose infantry so I went in boldly trying to win time vs his pikes

King Roger is debating on his future actions

The guards and the CIC

Common regular inca infantry

The fleet of foot canari LS speed towards the aragonese knights while my veteran infantry advances towards the almogavars. We are more or less equal in melee.

To my surprise he gets out of the woods with his bowmen and the final result will be ....amusing

The ponderous pikes advance

So my regular common infantry charges the bowmen

There were our main battle UGs are stationed nothing happens for now as the knights refuse to charge

So what happened here you remember me charging the 2 TUGs of PB ..well I was destroyed after a quick fight but when pursing his bowmen were killed by my skilled shooters and a second unit of bowmen charged my bowmen and it won't take long before my unprotected bowmen will die ..dut not before my guard spearmen will also kill those bowmen by charging in the flank

Finally there is some action on my flank as the almogavars went in + the knights went in but very slowly ..

The french knights decline to charge again and again ....they face the exceptional cusco guard

The battle goes on

So in the end I broke one of his almogavars and the main massacre happened in the center mainly a fist battle between bowmen 8-6 in the end

Not a big victory but far better than I had hoped for

There was a slight mistake in the french ally composition as he took 2 tugs of PBS but forgot to take the mandatory crossbowmen TUG .

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