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Ambiorix wanted to meet a loose order army that would need terrain ! So I went for Qin an army my son painted some 16 years ago which I was wanting to refurbish so why not Qin ! Here are the lists and mine was slightly illegal , the elite crossbowmen should have been average but I do not think it would have changed the final result of the game

Télécharger PDF • 62KB

Illegal Qin list
Télécharger PDF • 852KB

Akkad wanted terrain but went for an open ground ( coastal, protected flank yes and a bit of rough ground alo,g the coast ). He even outscouted the Qin army as he was the agressor .

On the picture the Qin right flank with the madmen ready to attack ( but I would not choose to charge madly unprotected but remain protected and strike hard)

Some combat shy crossbowmen , the CHE chariotry a unit that would be very lucky, and mounted SK !

Akkad's best ..the SUP axemen ! ( museum miniatures )

His right mobile flank

The Qin go forward , Akkad has pushed some TUGs back so they are hidden at the bottom of the picture

So Akkad advances in the centre

To the far left, the light Qin cavalry is trying to slow down the enemy'advance

I feel outgunned on that flank but it is all a trap ( official version )

The Qin has to get in very quickly The right wing composed of the DC TUGs and the skilled crossbowmen rush forward ! the levies are a bit more cautious !

The Qin chariotry rushes forward so no one is facing a lot of akkad spearmen just a very open space

Look at the skilled crossbowmen ! they lost a base, akkad rolled 3 wounds on 3 black dice ! But now the Qin infantry is ready !

Meanwhile big as a whale but very slowly akkad's might advances

Now it's time to roll skulls ( which will happen where it is of no importance but one of the Qin file has a flank charge ( rightmost file )

Akkad discovered that being unprotected , if charging skilled shooters could hurt ..2 yellow and a green dice .Meanwhile the melee on the right flank is going the Qin's way

The might of Akkad is still advancing slowly facing the void ! The Qin ruthlessly sacrifies some crossbowmen to slow down the juggernaut !

Akkad lost a TUG while charging

meanwhile on the far left ( or right if you ara Akkad ), the SUP akkad chariotry charges the average DC CHE ..and the first die roll for the QIN is a skull ..a shatter and the other dice will be along the same lines see it was all a trick a prepared ambush by skulls on green dice to begin with ..Akkad's carts will be quickly destroyed

The Qin have now turned Akkad's flank . I told you it was all a very clever trap

And the Qin have overcome the other flank

A pursuit and new impacts and melees ( here the SUP quality did change some dice but in the end did not change the battle as Akkad would loose it's army )

Advancing to force a charge as tribal are very difficult to hold at 1 MU

Another Akkad TUG dies the army is nearly broken ( as he charged standing crossbowmen, S is a wound )

The enemy is wiped out

Charging and destroying the proto-chariotry

Akkad is demoralised

The lesson is against such a numerous host you must attack quickly and win quickly !

We discussed the command problems of Akkad's army and hope to see Ambiorix victorious ( but not vs me of course )

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