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PACTO Later Republican Romans vs Early Germans .

I played the Romans and Huub the Germans . He wanted a lot of terrain but as usual we got some open terrain . For once I got initiative, outscouted him and once again in such a case, outscouting the ennemy by 20% ..He deployed last as I deployed 3/4/4 and he deployed 3/5/5/2 it is not the first time such a thing happen . The outscouted side deploys some units after the other side has deployed his full army.

The playing ground as seen from the germanic point of view . Of my 7 legions, 4 are supérior but will that be enough . The Germans have also some sup units . I have 2 skilled shooters a,d hope for the best

Some fearless romans

A long ( too long ? ) barbarian line ( by the way some of those are PSC miniatures )

First moves

He is coming for me

I am fairly confident on my right flank ...should not have been

first blood on some superior cavalry Hurray for the cretan bow

As you can see on the center left his average cavalry managed to inflict a wound on my average legion...which did nothing on a green dice .

On the left superior legion did nothing vs the average tribal warriors

But a bit latter was on the way and I managed to turn a unit in his flank ( melee ). That will change the whole game

My right flank fighting mostly on green dice loosing it

So what happened ...I destroyed a tUG, went forward to destroy a second TUG and roled 2 red dice ...double S . But the door is wide open .

So one turn later they are dead ..But I need to destroy 7 tugs ..

As you can see on the left my roman cavalry is in trouble being average , the ennemy being superior with the help of some light infantry helping the germanic cavalry ( gives them melee expert ) . I will die .

The barbarian center is going for it

And ...I loose the impacts even with better dice

His cavalry has killed my legion and my cavalry

But hurray ...I will kill a unit, KAB will kill a second one and on my left flanck a shooty black dice will kill the 7th unit I needed ...but it was damn close as I lost A legion, a cav unit and had 3 units with one base remaining ...and I would break at 5 ...Pacto is indeed a interesting but different game .

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