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November 2022 Athens 2nd Reckoning

So Back to Athens with another very experimental army some Later Moorish in a tournament where I would face a lot of heavies !

My very first opponent would be a very heavyweight Mid Sassanian army led by Thodoros The Great . No less than 4 cataphract units

I tried for terrain but it did not work as planned ( as usual ) . So I defended on my left and did put more unit on the right and all my best light cavalry alo .

The sassanian had a sabir ally but would encounter some command and control problems the allied leader being competent but having 4 UGs . But he had some interesting DC + Melee expert infantry that could easily match my infantry . I had nothing to match his heavies so I would have to be incredibly careful.

Fearlessly he protects one of his flanks

He is in marching order

Ok so 3 cats TUGs ( 2 being superior )+ some average asvaran !

2 of my infantry and the Moorish cavalry to "hold" the flank

Not much choice I deploy in the open . My byzantine deserters facing the cataphracts

Going forward

He threatens my flank But I will not move just wait there

The game is on The 2 cavalry TUGs behind the SK are the vandal refugees

So I wait with my infantry in close order just putside the terrain and one TUG of infantry is engaging the cataphratcs.

He tries to pressure me on my flank

Now what happened : Thanks to some good dicing + a legendary general to the front my infantry broke his infantry and after managed to turn in the flank of some cataphracts that had failed to break my infantry.

My best light cavalry had inflicted a loss of 3 bases to the Asvaran and skirmished away. But as I had tricked a small cataphract TUG in charging I managed to confront it frontaly with the vandals and outflank it with the drilled byzantines. It died their boots on but the KAB test on the Asvaran would prove fatal to them . So I had killed 3 enemy TUGS .

For some reasons we had played only 4 turns but it was still victory! One more turn and then what ...well we will never know, will we !

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