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MEGFEST Lille part 2 So now meeting Renaud's AlexMac army . Renaud is a veteran player.

I was outscouted by 40 % and had to deploy 5 TUGs . The terrain you can see if rough terrain. My heavy infantry holds the center. The Gallic cavalry, once again outgunned by the ennemy protect the flanks with , on my left flank, the help of some spearmen and some numidians, once again in a distinct command. AlexMac had sup thracian cavalry on his left and sup lancers melee expert on his right with the podropoi . Those guys will have to pray Ares for a long long time . ( see the other picture )

My flank is being attacked. What will happen is this : the podromoï will survive the shooting as I had only yellow dice and some green . The gallic cavalry will try to hold but will die after a long fight . One of the lancers will be engaged frontally by the spearmen and when times up ...the pordomoï will be on the death ( very inefficient green and yellow shooting dice ), so will my spearmen and the alexmac lancers ...but everyone survived except the gallant gallic cavalry . 2-0 for AlexMac so 4-2

In the center when told we where near the end I just charged. for glory....very inefficiently I must admit ..even with Hannibal to the front ...all misses the battle ends .4-2 in the end . It could easely have gone both ways

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