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MEGFEST Brussels The Sengoku meet the Ottoman Turks

Once again a very flat terrain, once again outscouted ( by 80% )and once again the poor teppo will gloriously die for their overlord ...

You can see my deployment . My skilled powerbow cavalry to the center as are the foot powerbow and skilled samurai ...I mixed bow and long spears as to counter a very dangerous ennemy with pretty good janissaries ( skilled bow ) some mounted serbian knights and lots of mounted shooty TUGs . My poor teppo unit goes forward chalenging the ennemy ( my first move but I am defender )

The otttomans decided to put the serbs in reserve and advance with the janissaries trough a village . My ally will have a fight and is mostly average ..

Ok let's meet them with our spears ( a sup unit ) and some powerbow's only cavalry facing us ...oh and my sneaky cavalry is also coming ... as you can see by the 2 blue tokens, one of his cavalry unit met the skilled powerbow samurai unit ...he forgot the 5 MU range !

Meanwhile he tries to sneak some light cavalry around my flank . the yellow dice you see are my shooting from the foot samurai vs his cavalry unit ( see picture up )

So on my left flank he wanted to pu pressure while I advanced my foot ...but his charging knights will suffer a lot from the mounted samurai ...his other cavalry unit also

He absolutely wanted to charge ...he will not live to regret it as my shooting will be devastating . Powerbow get an upgrade vs mounted and I am skilled ..a deadly combination .

As he went for my right flank I answed by sending some sup bushi towards him and engage him in melee

Heavy fighting beween my sup foot and turkish mounted ..on the left upper side he did skirmish and rolled a one and a two guess what I caught him fair and square ...he will die as will the other unit that fights samurai

Delaying the inevitable shooting

But he forgot that part of my ashigaru are drilled he has an open flank

And having finished the mounted, the samurai also were prepared for a flank charge...So he died

On the other flank I destroyed his cavalry with mine . being tired I took less pictures ...but you have the story ...and yes the unit of poor teppo died but they died with their boots on !

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