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MEGFEST BRUSSELS part 2Sengoku Japanese vs Later French Ordonnance

Sengoku Japanese WJK
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Later French Ordonnance
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I knew Olivier would use his armored swiss panzer unit, the dreade swiss keil with some very armoured knights . That one was also to be difficult and once again I would be outscouted ( a habbit ) and once again the teppo would be the first to engage the ennemy . By the way the terrain was rather open except for a patch of rough terrain , we also had a protected flank

Being outscouted I deployed in a long line, my ally holding the left flank . My cavalry is facing some powerbow so I will have to use plan B ...

You can see the dreaded swiss pike helped by some very heavy mounted men-at-arms with powerbow support ...the 2 units garding the camp ...poor unexperienced crossbows ..safely out of the way .

Did you see ..a nice deployement in line

As you can see the swiss go forward as quickly as possible and the fearless teppo go forward to meet them .. I advanced my long spears in close order towards him cavalry carefully avoiding the PB . Olivier is taking his time on his right flank held by good superior mounted guys and some longbow . So I rush towards him as I can ...

As you can see the teppo did ...die on the spot and did 0 MU when they broke .... On the left I go forward . in the center I avoid his swiss and I try to controll 4 ennemy TUGs with 2 of mine . Do you play Poker ? My cavalry is going to se what arm they can do vs the swiss and some very anxious average ashigaru are looking very brave towards the swiss telling the to come because if they do not come , the ashigaru will not come to them !

Another round of battle . The french mounted charged my average long spears hoping to inflict enough wounds but failed to rout them . But I am donw to 4 bases out of 6 . My superior bushi did gloriously charge the Italian ment-at arms and did win the impact . Note the blue samurai on the left . They have turned 90° and will shoot at the mounted second rank visible in the center of the picture and inflict 2 skulls ..

A better look . What will happen is that both mounted will break and I will catch the center powerbow unit in pursuit, in the rear as it tried to get away ..

On the left side still pushing !

The end of the swiss being surrounded and charged in the back ..15-2 . as somene is said to have said : this one took carefull timing ! Stopping a swiss keil is not easy .

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