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MEGFEST BRUSSELS october 2020 Game Sengoku Japanese vs Muslim Indian Sultanate

The Brussels theme was any army 1400 + . Below you will see the deployment of the Sengoku and the Indians

The muslims had 2 strongh TUGS of fully armoured nellies and some good shooty cavalry . they had succeeded in outscouting the japanese and having some flat terrain except for a central difficult hill that the sengoku would control from the beginning and use to great effect . The sengoku armys is mainly long spears, most average, and a few skilled cavalry . the foot bow japanese samurai in blue are powerbow and skilled shooters . The isolated sengoku right flank is the internal ally ( talented all others being competent leaders ). Nest to the japanese cavalry some poor teppo ..a unit that will see the elephant and fight in all 3 battles. You can see the indian nellies ...they will go straight for those brave guys .

So the indian first moves ...he is agressive All is cavalry is experienced bow and sup and melee expert ..

So what happened here left flank is trying to put some pressure but infantry vs mounted bow is a hard work . My powerbow cavalry skirmished the nellies but did nothing except for a wound , my samurai having shot at his mounted did nothing ...the teppo also failed but managed to inflict a wound at the charge . An average ashigaru unit stopped the second elephant unit at the cost a one base and with a wound killed a nellie base Hurray for them . You can see left side up, one of his cavalry unit did charge a bushi sup unit in the flank . he killed 2 bases ...

My ally chasing down cavalry with infantry some having bows do what you can . Keep them busy he said ...keep the busy !

Things are getting interesting ...he charged my sup unit in the flank (but I survived the melle and inflicted some wounds . The poor teppo still holds and the average ashigaru, all wanting to become samurais killed another nellie base . Upper left you can see another fearless ashigaru unit chasing 3 cavalry units .

My right flank still going for it

As you can see ...he broke trough my lines but my samurai did kill an ennemy mounted unit and managed to get to the rear of one of his nellies unit ..on the upper left you can see that my lone ashigaru unit is near breaking ...

So right side, the nellllies are being charged in the rear and will die at impact

My cavalry accepted the charge of the nellies , shot but inflicted only a wound and also accpeted the flank charge of the indian cavalry . that enabled me to charge the nellies in the flank.

Those Nellies died as well .

In the following melee my mounted samurai will prevail and kill the ennemy idian TUG but it was close .

Meanwhile the rest of my left flank is destroyed . he has killed 4 TUGS me too ...8-8 he breaks if I kill another unit ...he has to kill another 2 of my TUGS .

So the end of the game the last melee when my ashigaru managed to get to grip with one of his unprotected bow unit and killed it during the charge and the mellee ..;15-8 game over I won but it was a hard game .

A game with lots of fun .

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