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MEGFEST 3 Meeting the european first champion, Olivier and his lowland thracians ...oups 14 TUGS

I took pictures a bit late but here we begin . I outscouted him by - from memory - some 80 %. he had a Bastarnae ally . Those guys are advancing to outflank me using the forest of the protected flank . To counter him I have some gallic cavalry, some balearic slingers and one unit of spearmen.

As you can see, the ennemy is numerous and he has more cards than I do ( my commands were one legendary + 3 mediocres, he had 2 competent and 2 talented ). It will be a hard fight indeed . My plan is to advance with the whole line if possible and launch my warbands in the forest to crush his warbands ..mine being DC I hope for a good impact vs his short spears . My right flank is threatened by 2 superior 6 bases cav units and I decided to use my spearmen, 2 units of gallic cavalry and the numidians to crush that flank . In the center one unit of spearmen and campanian legion style equiped ...

Olivier did sent his sup cav ...

He is confident

We go manly towards each other

He attacks my right flank . The numidians will skirmish while the gallic, to his surprise hold and my spearmen charge the other sup unit .

So his sup unit will be heavily engaged and will be somewhat unlucky. Bad dice and good shooting + magical white dice will kill the sup cavalry.

He managed to go towards my flank ..will I be able to survive this ...

Meanwhile in the center my warbands do struggle and are slowy loosing the battle of attrition ( impact were ...bad I only had green dice vs his magic white ones ) but I managed to trap some of his cavalry and they will die .

As i wrote ...he did suffer, 2 units of cavalry died ..but I could not stop him from outflanking the spearmen who will gloriously die for the good name of carthage ..but still die .

He will charge and hit me in the flank but strongly reduced to 50% thanks to the balearic slingers ..and I will survive impact !

His last charge ...misses and game is over . 6-2 for me ( he lost 3 TUGs of cavalry for one of my spearmen ) so 8-4 ! A good battle and many melees :-)

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