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MEG : Tolosan Visigoth vs Early Arab Conquest

This was a training game for Huub who discovers the beauty of MEG . he plays the fearsome germanic Visigoth and the Belgian Meg Prophet ( being me ) the fanatic arabs .

The Visigoths had 11 TUGs, 2 of roman auxilia, 4 warbands, 2 Bucelarri cavalry and 3 Gardini cavalry .

The Arabs had11 TUGs and 3 SUGs . 6 of warriors, 1 of fanatics, 1 of archers, 2 of bedouins and one cavalry . The SUGs were bowmen, javelinmen and slings .

I got outscouted by 80 % deployed very defensivly . By Luck a peice of rough terrain helped me a lot as I deployed the bedouins in it so as to protect them from the ennemy cavalry .

So I refused my right flank but no one even bothered to assault that flank so I advanced as soon as possible

As I advanced on my right , the Visigoth moved to respond . You can see the visigothic army, auxilia on their left ( my right ) and warbands facing my warriors and fanatics . Far away his 2 TUG of superior devastating chargers ( Bucelarii ) .

My cavalry rushes forward to stop his cavalry and the warriors go towards his warbands . He had decided to deploy his warbands 2 to the front, 2 to the rear ...a mistake he will not do again but he is learning the game !

So I bloked his cavalry on my left and the fanatics ( in red just so you can spot them easely ) rush towards the ennemy as I want to break his warbands quickly .

The battle is joined and impact the warband failed my fanatics are in, superior, melee expert vs average, nothing :-)

A better view of the battlefield . In front of the woods, my 2 bedouin units try to defeat an auxilia unit but they failed till reinforced by warriors was a case of both sides having green dice and doing nothing for some turns

My right flank, reinforcements are arriving to help the bedouins

His warbands collapsed, my cavalry had beaten one of his quickly enough to recover before engaging the other ..the game was won ! 15-0 . The little 3 base warrior TUG with a leader , the CIC, was a miracle . they charged auxilia, lost a base while going in ...those darts did hurt ...lost impact but managed during melee ...with 3 bases left on 6 and the CIC engaged . So one more turn of melee and ...I killed 3 bases of auxilia ( One red and 2 yellow dice ) , routing them while they managed no hits with 3 white and one black dice ... Game over and lots of fun for both of us .

And my right flank ...well nothing much happened ...

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