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MEG Sunday 9th august some biblical Minoan meeting a Gothic army under Ragadasius

The battlefield as seen from the gothic side . The minoans deployed their heavy long spear infantry in center and going towards the protected flank ( it is a mountain terrain ...a bit flat I agree ).He occupies the protected flank with some loose order infantry and his heroic dendra charioteers are in column next to the wood . The Gothic army, being largely oustscouted ( 50 % ) deployed their warbands in the center . 3 of the warbands are germanic so DC and short spear . The Gothic battle cavalry faces the light minoan chariotry ont the gothic right flank . Some Alan allies are in reserve in the center as the lancers are a bit hopeless against the ennemy infantry .

Gothic cavalry in the forest ...a flank guard that will slow the ennemy down ( shield transfers by LBMS )

Both armies advances towards each other .

The alan ally chooses to go towards the gothic left flank as on the right, the gothic battle cavalry should be able to do the job ...if the minoans do not shoot straight

A gothic TUG and the dendra chariots saying hello to each other

a usefull sacrifice ...that remains to be seen

The minoan chariotry did some running away but oups ...roll a 1 a bad day for them

But they will survive for melee ...not after ...but HUUB had very very bad dice ( as usual )

In the center warbands and minoan hoplite style infantry clash and the battle is ...hard for both of them .( The minoan are all integral shooter but the warbands DC + short spear )

On the flank, the minoan light chariotry fights bakc after having lost a TUG and will inflict wounds with the dreaded white dice ..the gothic green dice being uselexx ( HUUB once again )

Dendra charioteers coming to reinforce the center that surprisingly holds the goths not being able to inflict the deadly last wound with 3 green and a white dice

meanwhile on the protected flank, the small gothic TUG got killed inflicting no wounds even when on yellow dice ...) the Dendra chariots 4 strongh advances towards 18 alan lancers with the help of a small infantry group ...long spears but the game ends there due to lack of time . The fight in the center was hot and who knows what would have happened guess is that the skirmishing flank of the minoan would have lost but what would have happened between dendra charioteers and alan lancers ...hard to know .

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