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This time for Huub's training I did choose a very difficult opponent, an army with pikes, long spears, mounted lancers, cataphracts, nellies ..a kind of nemesis he might face in an open tournament . Once again he will play Rohan, nearly succeed but in the end, Nellie power will prevail

I had

3 competent professionnal and one mediocre generals

2 average pikes

1 smal LS TUG ( Thuerophoroi )

1 mountain indian TUG

1 elephant TUG

2 average lancers, melee expert TUGs

1 xysterophoroi sup lancer, melee expert

1 cataphract TUG ( average )

1 light cavalry SUG

He had

1 mediocre CIC + 2 competent generals

1 Skutatoi TUG

1 varangian TUG ( average )

2 normans TUG one being sup

1 tagmata TUG

1 themata TUG

1 2nd class themata TUG

1 armenian flexible foot TUG

I outscouted him by 40 %

A protected flank, a difficult hill and some shruberry without NI knights

In the back, the eternal coffee cups ! on the left hand the Graeco-Bactrian army and on the right hand the Nikes ( Late )

On our unprotected flanks we both putted our mediocre generals so they could fight it out at ease. The Nike infantry is facing my pikes and he was wondering how to tackle that monster . His cavalry was also facing the Nellies aand part of my mounted . his armenians ( lS ) are in the rough ground .

Did I say forward ?

Yes forward but not too quickly

The front as seen from the Nike side

Turn 2 that was quick ..( the white cloacks are my sup ) I hope the Nellies will eat his sup tagmata cavalry . His average norman knights are facing my average iranian lancers .

Still advancing ! his tagmata did resist ! and his norman knights did not do that well !

All quiet on the right front . My shooting was very ..unsucessfull for some time

CHARGE ( and here we made a mistake . the cataphracts did charge in the flank b-and he intercepted but the interception was wrong. He could have charged so in the end..nothing changed . My flank charge was very inconclusive his charge was better ..

His tagmata is still there and they killed a nellie ..I had a wonderfull serie of "S" results with the nellies ...but only "S"

But my luck went for a better and the tagmata died ..the KAB was devastating for the normans

On my left flank the infantry finaly got some action but his cavalry center has just died !

He is 9 bases strongh I am 3,5 ..that one will be difficult to explain at home . My lancers will die after a good fight ...but they will die !

He did resist the phalanx for a long time but with an open flank he died

Meanwhile on the other flank, the two mediocre generals where having their fun ..I was melee expert, he was not ..but lots of "S" results do not kill enemy bases . Finaly he was near breaking

And the victorious armenians feeling lonely as their army was broken ..

Next week once again MEG but with a very different army . One I never saw at a tournament and which, for the panache, I might use soon in an open tournament !

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