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MEG BRULIB 2024 training

So I was using Charlemagne Carolingian vs Jilu's Early Byzantine's army.

PBS was hugely in my favour and I got the plain I wanted

On the top the byzantine army deployed infantry in the center as did I but I only got 2 TUGs of infantry while this time Jilu went for 4 TUGs of infantry, all darts shooting . My mounted was 75% DC and 25 skirmishers but I got one SUP melee expert in on my flank .I faced shooty mounted

My main force, SUP and exceptional mounted faced a hard task . Killing the enemy quickly before the byzantine would stop me with their bucelarii that acted as reserve

First moves

I went to him rather quickly but his reserves are near me

Will the exceptionals go through the numerous infantry quickly or not

We might say we see each others eyes

Meanwhile on the other flank

So multiple charges and the darts killed an exceptional base and inflicted a wound. 3 white shots, 3 hits and most of the impacts went wrong

But melee was nice so one byzantine infantry TUG broke opening the way

On the other flank things are now simple as my DC are in range

Gods of charge and melee were good to me

The roman infantry is about to die . I will have to tackle that roman TUG but it had no more command tokens so I will be able to manoeuvre in it's back with another TUG

The byzantine TUG facing my carolingian TUG will be charge by another of my TUGs ( on the left ) will die and so free my TUG to tackle that pesky byzantine TUG on the right side .

A nice miss from the byzantine infantry (shooting at my poor infantry )

The byzantine cavalry is about to die. TUGs by 4 are highly manoeuvrable but can also die quickly . That flank will be broken .

And the other flank already died

And it is my turn to charge . My exceptionals are in the back of a byzantine infantry TUG that is kept busy by my poor infantry. Jilu conceded defeat as it would break his army and he still needed to kill 4 TUGs on my side to achieve any demo result.

We all have our opinion and I feel there was too much byzantine infantry . But it was still only a first test .

Enjoyable and full of teachings

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