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The Belgian MEG Prophet proposed the following challenge : I would use an AKKAD army, modified to face Ambiorix with an army of his choice. The basic idea being that as he wants to use AKKAD in a tournament, he should face the army as to see how the opponent might see it and so get a better understanding of it's forces and weaknesses. He choose ALEXMAC.

Legend of Akkad
Télécharger PDF • 846KB

ALEXMAC did not sent his list but from memory

1 legendary CIC, A competent and a mediocre ( professionnal )

6 exceptionnal lancers but no melee expert

4 drilled loose averange greek cavalry, short spear, unskilled jav

4 drilled flexible podromoï

4 light cavalry SK

3 phalanxes average

The SUP Hypaspist as long spears ( 8 bases)

Thracians short spear 8 strongh

Hoplites mercenaries, 6 strongh

Cretan archers 6 strongh

Akkad won the initiative but got outscouted 20 % . Akkad choose to invade as to have first move. Terrain was coastal and except for the protected flank terrain was very open

So one of the first thing to learn with akkad is that you will often be outscouted and thatmobility with tribal is not easy. So you must think on how to use your army.

The Late Sumer ally is on the left side of the picture, I deployed the skilled bows , SK in the center at the front . You might notice that I prefered shooty people to carts .

Museum Z akkad painted by Ambiorix ( TUGS of 9 )

The ALEXMAC army deployed . My opinion was : a first mistake , small army and he holds a front even larger than me !The greek CAV with SK is on his right ( left side of the picture ) INF in the center, Thracians for the rough terrain ( I did notice everyone that sees a terrain will go for it must be a magnet thing ) and the pordomoi all alone on his left.

My ally is willing but I had to make a lot of promises ! ( in MEG if your ally does not draw colour at turn 1 he is unreliable and black and white are no colours )


And yes I did put my bowmen, skilled in arms way

The agema charges, my bowmen just shot somewhere but we do not know where

As planned he killed the bowmen and so rushed in the LS formations , yes I took the risk of up to 2 KAB per UG but wanted that cavalry in my LS !

My skilled bowmen on the left side of the pictures scared the average phalanx and I advance LS and proto-chariots combined to repulse the greek cav


Pushing back his cavalry

ALEXMAC was lucky enough to recover his agema minus one base but the experience scarred him, initiative is mine .


The pikes are coming so slowly and my shooting on green usually does not even cause a wound

Pushing and making space for the infantry

The cretan screen died but killed a bowmen base


My shooting on white was not bad why do my green dice not do the same !

A parrtially flank charge on the pikes ( the 3rd rank was in the flank . the result was double "S"..I really would like and automatic wound ...but this is MEG ...

The dice are just there but the flank is wide open

Engagind the elite on both sides! the akkad axeman are equal to the hypaspist

Turning the flank ! did you notic the flanked phalanx is still there as red, yellow, green do nothing ..just the white

Grinding match but the agema arrives

Fighting on the whole front and the skilled shooters finally managed some results

holding the line

The greek cavalry is outflanked, the camp in reach, a phalanx or two in difficult situation

Cleaning up

Good shooting at the second rank of the thracians

last picture before the flank charge that will kill them

To be fair the Ageman , meanwhile did kill the Sumer ally guard axeman but not before being reduced to 3 bases !

The phalanx died

So 15-6 for AKKAD who lost the SUMER guardsmen, a skilled bow TUG and a 6 base spearmen TUG ( fighting in the center vs phalanx )

Hope you enjoyed

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