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Late period game some Ottoman Turks ( Huub ) vs some Pre-Cordoba trastamara Spanish ( Jilu )

So we decided it was time to test some armies and concepts. Huub switched from a shock army to a shooty one and Jilu wanted to test a very near renaissance army !

Outscouting went the spanish who decided to defend in mountains but as you see was not as successfull as he whished ..a protected flank but otherwise quite open .The spanish are on the left and the ottomans on the right .

Both armies deployed . On the spanish side some mounted crossbowmen by 6, some superior gendarmes, heavily armoured and jinetes on the right flank , crossbows in the center with some pikes, sword and buckler men on the right flank with more gendarmes and a very interesting keil with some firepower and all pkes who are also melee expert ..

The ottomans being completely new with his army was first at a loss and he was outscouted so on his left flank, some average and sup cavalry, all shooting . The center more average and sup cavalry protecting the not so dreaded AZAB and a strongh right flank with jannisaries, serbian lancers and some skirmishing cavalry who will perform heroically in the end !

Ottomans the right flank ( up )

Spanish right flank (up)

A strongh spanish left flank (up)

And the Ottoman's right flank soon to be in trouble

The opening moves

Here as you can see the Spanish puts pressure in the center

On the left hand side you can see the spanish just ignores the mounted turkish skirmishing cavalry but will live to regret it .In the center the turks try to slow the ennemy infantry with shooty cavalry .

Turkish reinforments in the center ....

A bad turkish move ..they will soon die the gendarmes hitting their flank . The turkish horses being armoured they cannot flee ! a small change in the rules but a vital one .

On the turkish right the serbians are painfully being reminded they are average when facing sup spanish gendarmes and the keil do also charge ...

Center ...the gendarmes having destroyed one unit are now also being threatened by some turkish cavalry . Some sup spipahi charged the mounted croxxbowmen and the fight is on melee is on green for everyone .

And both units will break simultaneously ...uncommon but possible

A good flank charge with results . The gendarmes will turn to fight and kill the turkish unit So the spaniard are really confident ..

But in the center they took some loses and face sup janisarries

The janissaries are in trouble but help comes from skirmishing light cavalry might notice that some of the serbs already left the field ..

A gallant charge but turkish skirmishers but no result the fight goes on the turks are near breaking

But the ottomans are first player and inflict the mortal wound ..the sword and buckler spanish elite breaks so what's next I did not take more pictures as we "rushed" to do the necessary . The blue jannissaries will also break due to the fight with the gendarmes you see on the top of the picture but not before receiving another wound that causes them to loose a base . The other turkish sk unit will charge the in the back and kill them by infincting the deadly last wound . The pike unit that you can see at the bottom of the picture will bie fighting the red janissaries and the army breaks .. 15-8 for Huub and his turks .

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