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Jewish ( classical period ) vs Tolosan Visigoth ( early medieval )

Another MEG game. This time I used a classical jewish army. I paintd it 4 or 5 years ago and never played it before . I even wonder if it has ever been played in a tournament. The army has merits . Huub did revisit his Tolosan Visigoth and there was a lot of discussion about army concepts during the game so be prepared we did not finish it . It could have ended both ways but my feeling is that the jewish were taking the upper hand but dice are dice so we will never know .

The jewish competent commander lost initiative, terrain was mountain , very dense, we had a protected flank and as usual ...the center was relatively open!

To the left the Jewish army, mostly long spears, formed close , some tribal loose UGs, some skirmishers and very few mounted .

To the right the TV with a mix of warbands facing my main force and surprisingly his shock cavalry on his extreme left ( bottom right on the picture ) . In the center of the terrain, some brush that will be hotly contested, my 18 tribal one's vs his 8 auxillia ( they should get guard status )

The picture is not that clear but an interesting mix of warbands + skirmishers and shooty cavalry

The dreaded auxillia ( PSC miniatures )

My infantry of the phalanx is waiting "même pas peur" ( essex )

Jewish levy or tribal infantry ( all essex )

Going in for the rough terrain

On the left some jewish skirmishing guys saying hello and to the right the TV trying to invent a few centuries too early a checkerboard advance ( renaissance )

Ok manoeuvring a bit as I feel protected on my flank ( the rough terrain is there )

Where the main action will happen

Forward we outnumber them

Putting some pressure. the basic idea is to drive his shooty mounted away and weaken his dreade DC warbands as he has only 3 of them facing my 5 LS UGs

A quiet afternoon on the other flank my LS UG seems to be enough to keep his bucelarri quiet.

Charging his auxillia and his skirmishing infantry ( with some skirmishing infantry )

As you can see, My LS has already lost a base so I went for it .

I charged his mounted, took minimal loses and caught him ...yes he rolled a one when skirmishing !

So in the brush the fight is on but even if I outnumber him he causes more hits to me . I am happy tp have a general to heal wounds .

Lucky dice and the mounted are broken . Now the infantry battle in the plains begins

The fight is on

Preparing to receive the barbarian DC charge

He goes in

He has loses , me too but I got reserves

The reserves advance

The auxillia did put up a good fight

Finally they broke, rolles a one so I did not pursue too far awway in the open to be destroyed by his cavalry ( I love it when he rolls one )

The end of the battle as we discussed much the merits of the new TV army concept .

Next week I will be the referee as Ambiorix and his romans should meet Huub and his TV .

I hope you enjoyed

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