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IWC Day 2

OK so I was now to meet Olivier Joucla. Another french top player . He knew what to expect so he wanted very flat terrain but I unexpectedly won the initiative so decided to defend in mountains and he added terrain.

So he fortified himself deploying his powerbows on a steep hill where I would be unable to go. He protected his army with the hill !

I felt it would be quick as I saw no way to attack he saw no way to come to me

So if I go to his knights he shoot at me and will come for the flank ! and I will have to protect the other very open flank as well !

So Ok we agreed 2-2

Next game was to be more fun at least for me . I was to play Bernard Bouchon , an open terrain but with the protected flank I felt I could manage something of an assault

The woods on the right side protected my flank so I went forward to confront him

Sorry no more pictures but I won 15-2. The swiss can win, are fun, need some terrain as the army is pretty small and you must be quick. A good referee's army quick to move so you can go when people ask for your input and wisdom

Some pictures of other games

Roger's nellies

This is how IWC ended. Yes I ended at the bottow ! an organisator should always be at the bottom even if he scores high

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