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IWC 2023 day one, part 2

Now was time to see if I learned something of my defeat. I was to face Pierra-Alexandre Joucla a good french player with a 100 years war french army

Some terrain that's better

The french do need some courage

My advance is much more organised terrain cover me and the french already despair

Will I get to the french supplies ! Blonde leffe is good to drink !

The dying has started

I try to go forward but he does not want me to reach him

Soon we will reach his camp

His powerbows did hurt me but they will die soon his knights are also fighting my pikes ..well yes I just charged them

Some heavy fog on the battlefield but you see I continue charging his knights with the pikes

It will end 15 for me, 1 for PA who killed my SUG

So was it a freakish result or the way to victory

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