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IWC 2023 day one

I was using a late swiss army as I wanted a small army to play quickly and enabling me to still act as a referee . I never used it ( except a long time ago , still MEG but britcon at Manchester ) so I would discover my army and learn how to use it the hard way

I was to meet Fred Dufour and his crown of Aragon army , one of the best continental players who trained vs a swiss army and will teach me a lesson.

Ok no luck for terrain and that will be my death

Not a smallish tree, a swamp some mountains ....

I engage him but his regular average pikes will hold for too long and even win with their famously white dice . Also lack of terrain ( partly my fault) will kill me

To big a gap

A flank charge flanked charged

I tried green, yellow and red dice ..he resisted

Skirmishers fighting skirmishers

Ok he came in my back . meanwhile my green, yellow or red dice still do not inflict many wounds

Desperate fight for me

My keils still resist but his dumb infantry also does resist a lot

It will end poorly for me but I got it ! I need terrain, whatever happens I need terrain

So 15 for Fred and 7 for me

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