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Back to Geneva for a social event where you play 4 games, eat good food , drink ..and drink and may come to play some strange armies.

This time I went for an Inca army in an open event . I was hoping not to get crushed too quickly and final results will just be unexpected !

I was wondering how I would tackle heavy infantry armies, shooty armies , pikemen, knights and cataphracts.

I had a basic idea of how to try to survive by having terrain, blocking enemy mounted chock troops with my canari spearmen and try to attack with the guards but that was very theoretical

My first opponent was to be Marcin and his Yuan dynasty army, with a Malay ally. I must admit not being sure he was entitled to a Malay ally and after discussion we went for the game but concluded that it should have been a Javanese ally with much less nellies

None of us had played our armies before Helvetika so it would be a complete discovery for both of us

I had managed to get some terrain. The guards are on the right side, the canari in the opening

and some "common" infantry to protect the flank.

The Yuan emperor Marcin is wondering what to do

The inca legendary CIC

The Yuan cavalry is beginning it's great migration. It will try to avoid my bakamoro that ar coming through the marsh ( skilled shooters )

Nellies ( 6 bases, 2 nellies per base ) , some SUP close order guard infantry

The Cusco guard is with the CIC

As the Yuan aggressor decided to avoid me I had to go after him but knew it would be near impossible me being infantry and him being mostly cavalry

My camp helicopter view

Common infantry

The bakamoro skilled shooter amazonians

Ok I decided to attack

Skirmishers going forward to do their job

Here he will outmanoeuver me but never break me .

This announces the fight between my guard canari and his close order yuan guard . The fight would be very inconclusive . He will sent his nellies in support and my exceptionals also going in will kill a nelly TUG. The only casualty of the game

The Khan's guard charged but was too slow ...

So in the end 4-2 in my favour.

Not a very high score but I did survive

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